Our Policies

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sammon Developments Limited is built upon strong values and ethical practices. Our management team is committed to maintaining the highest standards of responsible corporate behaviour. We are conscious that our business activities bring us in contact with numerous communities and business groups. We are dedicated to minimizing our impact through good communications, planning and advanced construction solutions.

Health & Safety

Sammon Developments Ltd operates a Safety Management System which is fully certified and accredited to ISO 45001 : 2018. Health & Safety is a core part of all of our business activities. We have an excellent safety record and this has been recognized in our achievement of the Safe-T Cert scheme, in 2019 also. In Summary Sammon Developments Limited has a certified Health & Safety Management System, based on the requirements of National & European Legislation.

This scheme provides independent certification of the company’s Health & Safety Management Systems on an annual basis and the retention of this certification requires evidence of continuous improvement by the company in all areas related to safety management and performance.

We have at all times continued to achieve certification on our Safety Management System. Our safety and site management teams have all the necessary training and experience across a wide range of projects.

Safety is treated as our number one priority and adequate safety resources are always provided on all of our projects.


Sammon Developments Ltd operates a Quality Management System which is fully certified and accredited to ISO 9001:2015. It is the objective of Sammon Developments Ltd to continually strive to lead the way in quality building and maintain our long standing reputation as a quality contractor. Our policy is ensure its customers are provided with a completed project that meets with the required specification, drawings and details as per the agreed contract.

It is the responsibility of all sectors in the organization to ensure that the requirements of the Quality Systems operates efficiently. The Quality System is systematically reviewed and upgraded to ensure continued effectiveness and improvement.


Sammon Developments Ltd operates an Environmental Management System which is fully certified and accredited to ISO 14001:2015. The company accepts its responsibility to minimise environmental impact by controlling waste, reducing pollution, using energy efficiently and acting as good neighbours to minimise disturbance. Environmental waste management is one of our key objectives.

We implement and maintain an Environmental Management System as a means of providing a structured process for the achievement of continuous improvement.

We aim to achieve objectives by operating in an environmentally responsible manner through the implementation of our Environmental Management System:

To manage our activities with diligence and with the awareness that our goal is to protect the environment and prevent pollution, by employing the best control mechanisms, procedures and processes which have been proven to be technologically sound and economically feasible.

To evaluate all environmental aspects of our activities and determine the resulting environmental impacts.